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Luminous Glowing Shoes

€127,59 €184,99

Luminous Shoes provide fashionable and unique look. Powered by fiber optic that glows safely in the dark, they will keep you fashionable and special in any setting.

These Glowing Shoes can be switched ON with hidden button and they can be turned ON and OFF regularly. The battery can last up to 7-8 hours, when charged. Provided cable is able to recharge them both quickly at the same time.

The shoes fabric lights up all over the shoes, providing a glowing look. Unlike other shoes that light up only at the stepping part, these can glow from top also.

Switch between various colour modes simply by pressing the hidden button. You can control the colour of the shoes glow between 12 colour modes. These Shoes can light up at dark or be used as normal shoes when its daytime.

Money Back Guarantee. Try these shoes for 30-days, if you would like do return them for any reason, please contact us. To change size also contact us. Please refer to the size chart before buying, otherwise shoes are true to size.



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